Gifts for High Vibe Giving

Today, sharing some high vibe wellness gift ideas – for others or for yourself. These are some of my favorite things, mostly discovered from the last year.

Self-Care SweaterSelf-Care Sweater, by A Shop About Love.
This sweater is made with thick, cozy, soft wool. High collar. Wooden buttons. And POCKETS. You’ll reach for this sweater again and again for comfort and warmth. 100% Wool. All hand made by a women’s knitting coop in Ecuador.

Renegade Beauty, by Nadine Artemis.
Nadine is a natural skincare pioneer and founder of Living Libations. One listen to one of her podcast interviews and you might become an avid follower of her skincare and dental advice.

Singing Bowl Set, by Incausa
This is for healing from sound, vibration, and ritual. I don’t have one yet myself, but I’ve wanted one ever since we experienced it at our first retreat. This one is designed in Brooklyn and made in Nepal by skilled artisans.

Lotus Wei Flower Essences in Infinite Love.
One smell of this floral concoction and you might feel intoxicated by the smell of flowers. I’ve hardly smelled anything so lovely. I recommend getting the full set (serum, elixir, and mist) as you’re supposed to use the essence 5 times a day to feel the positive effects of flower energy.

The Goddess NecklaceThe Goddess Necklace, by A Shop About Love.
Wear this as a reminder that you can do anything, be anything. Truly, you are, indeed, a Wonder Woman, so you might as well dress as one if you please. 🙂 Made of Czechoslovakian crystal glass beads and woven by master weavers in Ecuador who make each necklace in about 7 days. Holiday party approved.

Wooden PlatesWooden Plates, by Medina Mercantile.
I think salads of all kinds could taste even better on one of these wooden plates. And when they’re not in use, they look spectacular stacked within view.

Cleansing Balm by BeautycounterCleansing Balm, by Beautycounter.
This is one of my big-time favorite products from Beautycounter, a women led co. dedicated to safe beauty products. I can attest that this balm’s cult following is justifiable. It’s multi-use, so you can use it as intended as a cleanser for removing make-up – but it can also stay on the skin overnight as a super moisturizing mask. Even one or two nights of this and I was stunned at the softness of my skin. Also, use as a hand balm and lip balm. Yay for multi-uses and safe beauty products.

doTERRA Yoga CollectionThe Yoga Collection.
This set of essential oils is SOOO good. The oils are called Anchor, Align, and Arise and I find myself reaching for them all the time. I love the added ritual of using them during our yoga sessions and even use them for perfume throughout the day. They were curated by one of the world’s top yoga teachers, Elena Brower. You can buy retail ($69.33) or get a $35 membership through me for 25% off your oils for a year.

Balance Sweater, by A Shop About Love.
Made of 100% alpaca, a more expensive wool, this modern sweater is extra warm and special. We were recently high up in some mountains and I needed some warmth as my Uniqlo down jacket wasn’t cutting it. This sweater alone was warmer than my jacket. But it also breathes! And wicks moisture + naturally resists odors. So don’t worry about getting too warm. It may be the perfect pull over sweater.

SonesenceSonesence Meditation Music.
This music is truly so lovely. I listen to it all.the.time. Also, Tahlee, the owner/artist, is overall a rad human being.

Wash, by Live Crude.
This is a SOAP-FREE wash that I’m totally in to. The more I learn from experts, the more I’m finding that soap is actually not necessary for all over the body and destroys the micro biome of the skin (which can potentially cause all kinds of skin issues.) Going soap-free is especially recommended for women’s sensitive areas where the body already has it’s own natural cleansing system.

Flowers Coloring Book

Flowers Coloring Book, by Britany Jepsen.
Do you need a new ritual to calm your mind? Is meditation not your thing? Perhaps coloring could do the trick. And it helps that this particular coloring book is so darn pretty to look at.

Facial Dry Brush, by Living Libations.
I previously never thought of dry brushing my face. Well, it works. It actually works really, really well for achieving baby soft skin. Brush in gentle, circular motions towards your hairline. #StockingStuffer

The Night Sky.
This company creates prints showing the star map on a special day in your life – perhaps the day you met your love, gave birth, or had a moment that changed your world forever. Above is the star map of the day Danny and I first met. That continues to be the greatest miracle and gift of my life.


Rosemary Citrus Body Oil, by Beautycounter.
Body Oil truly is the most ultimate luxury. There is nothing more nourishing, most especially when used on damp skin, just after a shower or bath (preferably in a claw foot tub. ;). Enjoy the aromatic benefits of citrus and rosemary, known for their mood uplifting qualities.

Wooly Hobes Shoe.
Yep, always on my list. I’ve been wearing Australian wool house shoes for nearly 20 years. So I’m certainly sold on wooly anything around my feet. And I especially love that no socks are needed + wool handles moisture like a champ.

Fresh Start Sweater, by A Shop About Love.
This exquisite sweater is 100% wool and so delightful to layer and wear on a chilly day. It’s called the Fresh Start Sweater – because each of us at some point needs a fresh start – (or perhaps we are facing one against our will). Either way, we ARE capable of moving through it and creating an abundant life that is in alignment with our soul. I’m rooting for you all the way.

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner

Peppermint Lip Conditioner, by Beautycounter.
Looove this lip conditioner and I wear it constantly. I give one of these FOR FREE to each of my new Beautycounter clients. Just send me a note and I’ll get a gift for you sent your way. #StockingStuffer

Practice You: A Journal, by Elena Brower.
Elena Brower is known as one of the top yoga teachers in the world. I love her work and all she does. She created this journal to capture your musings, miracles, and manifestations. It’s a map to your highest self. It would be a treasure to take the time to contemplate and record the journey. Most preferably next to a crackling fireplace with some cider tea. 🙂 

Dryer Balls, by Norwex.
These allow you to get rid of toxic, icky dryer sheets that only gunk up your clothes and your machine. The balls absorb water and help to separate the clothes, so they reduce drying time and also static.

Nail BrushNail Brush, by Living Libations.
I love useful gifts the most. This one is likely something most people don’t have, but it’s so darn handy to have for cleaning your nails. Living Libations says: “The nails are all little elimination organs, which need to be cleaned every day to remove the previous night’s waste products, along with daily dirt.” #StockingStuffer

Breathe Stick

Breathe Stick, by dōTERRA.
Danny and I both are obsessed with this stick. It’s sooo powerfully minty/eucalypty and we love it for applying to the chest, nose and throat if we’re feeling sick OR if we just want a burst of clear, fresh breathing. Also, it’s in our spa bag because it’s REALLY nice to use in a Turkish bath. And I would recommend it for anyone who needs to get up earlier than they’d like and needs a morning pick-me-up. #StockingStuffer

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat, by Manduka.
This mat is known among some as the best yoga mat in the world. It also has zero toxic emissions and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This particular one is extra dense, which I appreciate as I’m a wimp on super thin mats. 🙂 If you want a lighter mat for toting, however, they have an abundance of options.

Copper Tongue ScraperTongue Scraper, by Living Libations.
This thing is a MUST. You’ll be so glad to have this. With a few simple scrapes, you can keep your mouth healthier, which reduces cavities and more. This cleansing ritual also protects the internal organs directly linked to tongue health. #StockingStufferFace Mask Trio, by Beautycounter.
Beautycounter has 3 face masks and people just go nuts over them. Here you get ALL THREE in a holiday set. It includes a deluxe brush for applying the mask, making the ritual even more fun and luxurious for a spa day at home. #StockingStuffer

OK, how’d I do? Do you like these items? Anything you’d put on your own wish list?

Happy giving everyone!!


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  1. Anonymous December 1, 2017 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Love the list Mara! So many unique yet practical gifts

    • Mara December 1, 2017 at 4:41 pm - Reply

      Oh, so happy to hear it! Appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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