Gifts for Your Female Friends

Here are some gifts to consider for your favorite women in your life. Happy giving!

Entrepreneur SweaterEntrepreneur Sweater, by A Shop About Love
I can’t imagine a warmer, cozier sweater. This one is extra, extra soft. And the feeling of being cloaked in this thing is simply heavenly. Wear it and let it remind you to have confidence as you work on all your business or passion projects near and dear to you. Because well, the world needs you!! Also, it’s got huge pockets. More photos here. It’s one of our best sellers at A Shop About Love!!

Veja Tennis Shoes
This French tennis shoe company is FAIR TRADE and makes their shoes with organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon in Brazil, and ecological leather. They also have some vegan shoe options. I love this limited edition that says “First Lady” on the back of the heel.

Perfect Pout Lipstick Trio, by Beautycounter.
Get this holiday set from Beautycounter and just dole out the goodies to your girlfriends. These are such well-loved, universal colors that I think any of us would be thrilled with them. #Safebeauty for the win.

About Love Necklace Collar, by A Shop About Love.
I just adore the boldness of this magnificent glass necklace. The statement of color is stunning. And if it reminds anyone around you of your commitment to love and to all people in this world, even better.

Holiday Soap Trio, by Beautycounter.
Get this stocking stuffer soap trio and be done and done with sharing a little treat with friends. Add this to the lip gloss trio, above, and you might as well be Mrs. Santa Claus herself. Also: #safebeauty. That is certainly more appetizing these days, don’t you think?

Circle of Women Bag, from A Shop About Love.
This is another best seller at A Shop About Love! The interior can hold a tremendous amount of items, more than you would think. Made by a saddle maker in Ecuador and comes in two colors. This bag is also worth 1,000 compliments. Just wait to see them roll in. Note: this is a Limited Edition item.

Mother’s Milk, by Rachel Hunt Steenblik.
I feel extremely lucky to know and love the author of this book. For anyone desiring to align with their divine selves and a divine female source, you would love this book. Most especially if you are a mother. I gave a copy to my sister, a mother of 3, and she has been pouring over every delightful poem and illustration with so much awe.

77/100 Market Tote, by Prink Shop.
Well, yes…this is one of those things that needs to be said – again and again – until our culture values women’s work as much as men’s. In honor of all women and the generations that will come after us, carry this tote and also vote and support female leaders advocating for women.

Vegan Caramel, by Sweet Laurel.
The only thing you need to know here are the ingredients: organic almond butter, organic coconut oil, organic dates, organic maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, himalayan pink salt. Yes, please.

Color Therapy Pillow, by A Shop About Love.
This is one of my favorite items. The colorful stripes are just the brightest spot of happiness and hope. Just looking at this brightens my day.


Stainless Steel Straws.
Most people don’t have these. And yet millions of straws go into landfills everyday. These are actually more fun to drink from than plastic and they’re a wonderful addition to fancy drinks. You can even carry them in your car or purse for drinks on the go.

Ceramic Diffuser, by Vitruvi.
Ceramic or glass make for such a more beautiful diffuser, with less plastic waste. I love having diffusers in multiple rooms in the house. And this one is just so simple and pretty.

Everyday Bravery Pins, by Emily McDowell.
Love this illustrator and her ability to humanize everything she does. I even got to sit next to her at an Alt Summit dinner once. And I’m just so happy about her ongoing success. She’s got tons of these Everyday Bravery Pins – and don’t miss her witty empathy cards and greeting cards.

Macarons, by Bottega Louie.
Would you just die if this pretty box came to your door? These are too pretty to eat. Gluten free never looked so good, that’s for darn sure.

Face/Body Cloths, by Norwex.
I’ve shared these before. Because they’re just so handy to have stacked in the bathroom for cleaning your face with the oil cleansing method. Oil cleansing for everyone! It’s truly my favorite. Hardly anything has transformed my skin more (aside from diet, of course.)

A Plant, from The Sill.
In case anyone needs to brighten up their lives or home, a plant can really do the trick. There really can be some joy in caring for a plant and watching it grow. My top pick from The Sill would be this Rubber Tree.

Rad Women Worldwide, by Kate Schatz.
The world cannot get enough stories of women!

Hope Essential Oil, by dōTERRA.
100% of this purchase price ($20) goes to support O.U.R Rescue, an organization of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child-trafficking efforts who have come together to bring an end to child slavery and sex trafficking. (The oil is a well-loved blend made of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Bergamot Fruit, Ylang Ylang Flower, Frankincense Oil, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.)

Body Scrub Mitt.
Oh, the scrub mitt. Yeah, I’ve shared this in our newsletter. Because it’s just so handy to have. We use it in the Turkish Bath at the spa and love the results so much. It’s such a useful, affordable gift.

52 Weeks, by Kikki.K.
I have always loved planning out my next year or next line-up of projects or goals. And this 52 Week planner is for that very thing. There are several other tempting options, including a 10-year plan journal.

Babycakes Cookbook, by Erin McKenna.
Erin McKenna’s bakery in the Lower East Side of New York is one of my favorite treat spots. Literally *everything* is gluten-fee, vegan, and nearly sugar free. Some friends once gave us a gift card there and it was the best thing. 🙂 You could also give one of these cookbooks. 

Lemongrass Scrub, by Beautycounter.
This would be such a treat to give and receive. It’s one big excuse to slow down and take a bath. Plus, Lemongrass is one of the best scents in the world.

Mercer, a new print from Jenny’s Print Shop.
One of Jenny Komenda’s prints would make such a lovely gift. For $15 you could give a print that reminds you of a friend or loved one. For me, the streets of New York would do it every time.

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