5 Thanksgiving Tidbits

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Danny and I are making a pumpkin pie today. Also finishing up the final details on the launch of a new podcast. 🙂 🙂 Yes! And I can’t stop looking at A Shop About Love. So it feels rather festive over here.

Tomorrow we will join our friends for Thanksgiving. They volunteer at an orphanage for special needs children here in Ecuador, and they’ve invited us to join them, which will be really special.

And now for 5 Thanksgiving Tidbits:

  1. I love this genius Thanksgiving small-talk tip from Alison Faulkner:
    “Next time you don’t know what to say, try this: ‘Hey, what are you excited about right now?!’ I find the BEST WAY to not regret anything I say is to be VERY interested in what other people are doing…meaning I don’t just talk about myself or share too much info I don’t need to. This question is good for any person, of any age, working/ not working/ school/ no school, single/ married…stranger on the steet. It’s awesome.”
  2. Need a last minute party favor for the kids’ table?
    Consider Jordan Ferney’s amazing tradition of a Surprise Ball! It’s a ball of crepe paper with lots of little bits and bobs wrapped inside. I’m going to try and make some of these for the kids we’ll be having dinner with tomorrow.
  3. Does your family say grace or give a blessing on the food?
    Here’s a funny essay by Anne Lamott about saying grace at the table, which I’m sure many can relate to. Growing up, my family was religious and we always gave a blessing on the food. Danny and I still do it together now from time to time – especially if we’re sitting down together or we have a gathering at our table. I do it a little differently now, though, by not always just praying to a male God. I know the concept of God is tricky for many. For me, I think of it as LOVE. And I definitely like to think of the female version of love these days. 🙂  I’ve been thinking of the male version of love only for the first several decades of my life, which doesn’t make sense to me anymore. So I like to mix it up. Our friends also do an Omm together before each meal, which I think is so lovely.
  4. Here’s some AMAZING advice if you find yourself surrounded by less than warm and fuzzy family members:
    This is from Rachel Hollis: “Strive to be the thermostat in your holiday gathering, not the thermometer. The thermometer reacts to the temperature of the room. The thermostat sets the temperature of the room… they affect the atmosphere around them rather than let it affect them.”
  5. In case you’re wishing you were in love for the holidays…
    Here’s a post I wrote about my first Thanksgiving after my divorce. I will never, ever forget the kindness of friends, and the feeling of not being forgotten. In case you are feeling alone this Thanksgiving, know that I’m thinking of you – and how I hope you are surrounded by loved ones. Perhaps one day I need to host an About Love Thanksgiving in New York. <adding to my list now.>

Hope you have the loveliest holiday week,


Also, two of our favorite Thanksgivings: 


Ladies Thanksgiving Football (for the day after)

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