Body+Soul Swoon

Souls nurtured. Bodies enlivened from the inside out. Hope restored. Empowerment on fire.


This is the essence of Body+Soul Camp.

And we are so, so pleased to announce that we are at it again. 🙂

Our next 7-day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador will be:

November 26 – December 2, 2017

AND (drumroll!)…WE HAVE A *BRAND NEW* EVENT PAGE that just launched today, including a gorgeous video that was filmed at the retreat by none other than Joshua Brown Photography, of Newburgh, New York. His work is magical and we’re so grateful for his talents.

We’re feeling humbled, amazed, and giddy to upgrade this beloved event to the level it deserves…because it is the crowning glory of our work. You can imagine we’ve got major high fives happening in this household right now.

OK, here’s the video…I just don’t want you to miss it. 🙂

And now, it’s time to GET YOURSELF TO ECUADOR!!! 

You have just under 5 months to make it happen.

Are you in? It would be our honor to host you.

The truth: we have a hope that this retreat will sell-out as we’ve had quite a few people waiting for the next one. I mean, a sell-out would be our dream. The last one DID sell-out. So if this event calls to you, if you are ready for BIG STEPS towards healing and joy – – register, get on that plane, and head to this piece of heaven in the Andes we call Body+Soul Camp.

Our new event page has tons of info. on there. We know it’s not everyday you book an epic experience like this. So DIVE IN and check out the new photo galleries and drop downs with all the info.

We also have an easier way for you to schedule a little chat with us in person if you’d like – so we can answer your questions in person and tell you how freaking amazing this event is.

And, would you do us the biggest favor and share our event page with ONE person (or more) whom you think might be interested? We would be ever so grateful. We’re doing all we can to shout this retreat from the mountain tops so that it finds those who are in need of it the most. XOXO

We love you! And we thank you for the connection and support you offer us!

Gratefully Yours,

Mara + Danny

Epic photos by Joshua Brown – because sometimes you’re lucky enough to hang out in the Andes with a pro photographer! 🙂 

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