My Recovery From Feeling Low

Today I shared about a difficult phase I experienced recently, and I wanted to pass along some more things that helped me immensely to recover. I know getting through something like that will be different for everyone. And different things might work better at certain times than others. But this is what helped me:

  • I started swimming 3 times a week. Now, we’re not talking never ending laps, we’re talking just a bit of swimming and water aerobic exercises – enough to get my heart pumping. Combined with sitting in a hot tub and Turkish bath before and after, my blood flow factor increased significantly. This added routine was seriously a game changer. The mental shift it offered helped me to return to feeling powerful and resilient again.
  • I started taking vitamins and supplements again – because I had fallen off the supplement band wagon. I think this really helped me return to a feeling of balance. I started up these multi-vitamins (which are recommended by one of my favorite health leaders, Dr. Kelly Brogan.) They really made a difference for me. Also, I started taking turmeric (which is HUGELY helpful for inflammation, the cause behind so many health issues, including mood problems.)
  • Our nephew came to visit. He stayed for many weeks – and having him here created a channel of activities and thoughts that were new, refreshing, and unrelated to all of the other crap.
  • I hosted the #HolidayServiceProject here on the blog! Can I just tell you how much that meant to me to have something super meaningful to fill my days?! The truth is, shopping for items for the refugee fundraiser was my brightest light over the holidays. You should have seen me hauling around downtown Cuenca with a fervor in my heart as I searched for the very best items. I will be forever grateful for that. And I never was able to tell you, but due to your help, we were able to raise $5,000 for Lifting Hands International!!!

Again, I’m rooting for you all as you go through your own rough patches – or more. And I hope that you are able to find the right combination of changes, mindsets, activities, health interventions, etc., to help you feel like yourself. It most certainly can be a challenging journey to find your sweet spot. But I do think we are worth the effort. 

With Love,


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