Love is in the Air: 5 Ideas for Keeping the Spark Alive

Ok, how about something fun today. Remember these posts? haha. Here’s the 5th one in this series. Know that these are not a to do list or intended to add stress or anything. They’re meant to be fun and light-hearted and full of ideas to get your mind turning. (See the other four posts HERE.)

5 ideas for keeping the spark alive:


There is something exciting and desirable about
seeing your partner laugh
or tell an engaging story
or be attractive and interesting to others
at a dinner party.
It reminds you how lucky you are that you get to go home with them.


Pretend to be in the mood for sex.
Act like you want it….and chances are
you’ll end up wanting it.


Even a wink can do it for some people.


Do not rely solely on your spouse to provide that feeling for you.
OWN IT for yourself.
Yes, big boobs and small boobs are hot!
But REAL hotness is due to a confident woman.


Out loud. After meditation. During prayer.
While greeting each other or saying good-bye.
“Thank you for all that you do” goes a long way.

Life is short. Let’s make our relationships the best they can be. Would love to hear if you have anything to add here!

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  1. Iris Black August 9, 2017 at 9:51 am - Reply

    Love your advice. Only too often, we forget that it takes effort to keep that spark alive in a relationship. And it is all too easy to fall into a familiar and predictable routine, which is the biggest relationship killer. And if you haven’t felt the spark in some time, get up and start doing something about it – read informative articles like this one, try new things together, bring in an element of surprise within the relationship – in short – you need to start making an effort.

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