Behind the Scenes: The Making of Our New Site

Well, it seriously feels like spring over here with our brand new site. I hope you’re all enjoying checking everything out. On my end, I can’t stop looking at this page because it just makes me so darn happy.

Today I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes to give you an idea of what was involved in getting to this point. It’s definitely been the biggest project of our lives…

Here’s what went down:

EDUCATION. The technical and strategic aspect of running an online endeavor is way more complex than it seems – and it has not been our forte in the past. We wanted to improve our game going forward so we could serve you all in better ways. So we signed up for a course that teaches people HOW to market and sell offerings on-line. The course wasn’t cheap. But it was completely worth it to us. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to start a business online.

HIRING A TEAM. There is no way we could have done everything without hiring some experts. We needed a team who specialized specifically in selling online products – and we found them in Salt Lake City. They helped design our site and execute the technical side of all of our new offerings. We’ve been so thankful to have their strategic brains on this project – plus they really care about what we do (and even came to a Love Boot Camp in Salt Lake City). We truly couldn’t have re-launched our site and offerings without them.

EVERNOTE. Evernote is an app for organizing your lists and projects. Danny and I have recorded ideas for this endeavor for YEARS. I have over 100 Evernotes dedicated to About Love. ha. I literally use it every hour. And right now I’m using it quite a bit for additional About Love projects that I already have cookin’ for you. It’s my favorite thing to think of more ways to serve this audience.

WHITEBOARD. In our kitchen we have a white board. Each week we write the top 3 or 4 tasks on there that we need to tackle, and then we just move through it little by little. I am just AMAZED at the huge, huge, overwhelming tasks that have been up there, and that have since been CROSSED OFF, DUSTED, AND DONE. I swear, that $10 whiteboard feels kinda sacred. It’s helped us tremendously to plow forward and it’s seen some of our biggest accomplishments.

WALKS. We go on walks every single day with our dogs. We’re talking husband + wife + three dogs on a walk while we chat and brainstorm literally every single day. Some of our most inspired ideas have come while on those walks! It feels like such a privilege to be able to do this together. Getting outside also resets us if we’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or burned out (which has happened many, many times in this process.)

I-PHONE VOICE MEMOS. When we have moments of pure inspiration, Danny will quickly get out the i-phone and start a voice memo while we’re walking. I tell you, we have PURE GOLD recorded on those phones. 🙂

REWIRING OUR BRAINS. We’ve both had so many moments of thinking maybe we weren’t good enough (entrepreneur wise) to succeed – that maybe we didn’t have all the complex skills that it takes. Creating something from scratch and putting it out into the world is HARD WORK! So, we’ve had to tackle those harmful beliefs – and sometimes tackle them with literally all we’ve got, because they are taking over us and we may be running on fumes.

AFFIRMATIONS. I also write an affirmation for the week on the white board. This is a new belief that I am trying to internalize. For example: “All things are working in my favor.” “My creative mind is on fire.” “I have a gift the world needs.” Yep. Because sometimes I feel the opposite. Anyway, on days when I truly needed a shift, writing these affirmations SERIOUSLY helped.

ROTATING WORK STATIONS. I have found if we really want to tackle something huge, sometimes it helps to go sit in a new work area. So that would be the kitchen table, in front of our fireplace, or upstairs in the yoga loft. Mixing it up seems to keep us focused. I’ve always been in favor of small homes, but having these various work stations has been an unexpected benefit of living in a larger house.

FINISHING TASKS BEFORE SOCIAL MEDIA. I try to discipline myself to tackle some of my ‘To Dos’ before I look at social media. Gosh, that stuff can be a drag to productivity.

READING. Reading a lot has enhanced our work and our brains. I find I’m more creative and productive when I am reading regularly.

SELF-CARE. Taking care of ourselves as best we can has been KEY for us this last year. We meditate as often as we can, sit by the fire together, and best of all – we go often to this $15 hot spring spa in Cuenca. I’ve become such a self-care evangelist! Stress relief is a life-line.

RELYING ON EACH OTHER. We say this all the time to each other: “I couldn’t do this without you.” And then the other person repeats: “I couldn’t do this without YOU.” We seriously have had to work hard to support each other, to stay on task, to loooove each other and be partners in this.

INVESTMENT. We’ve certainly had to invest a lot to make all this happen – emotionally and financially. To those who have come to our early events or have supported us in other ways, know that you’ve helped to make this movement happen. Your support has fueled this!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I’ve had to come back to embodying love again and again – love for people, love for the world, love for meaningful work. This is my only ticket out when I am riddled by fear and doubt.

And somehow, because of all of this, we now have a new creation. 🙂

Sending Love,


P.S. For those that have signed up, The About Love Experience is in motion! So cool! Also: we had a glitch yesterday and accidentally sent 3 of the emails in 1 day (oops.). We hope you’re enjoying them. XO

(photo from Cuenca’s famous flower market square.)

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  1. Amanda Blair May 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    Oh man! I am loving this new site and you guys! You’re such an inspiration. New York misses you!

    • Mara Kofoed May 5, 2017 at 12:11 am - Reply

      Amanda!! Sooo fun to see your name here. Thanks for the note. And wow, how I miss NY. We hope to be back there very soon…just wanted to get all of this in order before the big move. Also, we should totally meet up once we’re back. I would so love that.

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