Mara’s 2016 Gift Guide

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. It feels like the strangest time ever to post a gift guide. blah. But here it is! Ideas for everyone! These are all inspired by things I’ve thought about getting myself one day. Living without online shopping for 2.5 years leads to quite a wish list.

Yes. COAL. Know anyone that you’d like to give some coal to this year? 😉 Charcoal purifies air and water naturally. And I’d love a stick of this for my water bottle. You can buy one here at this amazing shop with all things coal: Sort of Coal, $25 for the stick. 

Purl Soho Knitting Kit.
You may remember that I wanted to learn how to knit down in Ecuador. Well, I did find the.most.amazing teacher. But it turns out I just haven’t found the time to practice due to preparing for our re-launch. So one day…one day I’ll get to it. And I’ll talk my friends into this and we’ll sit in a circle and knit and philosophize. 🙂 And when I do I’ll be marching straight to Purl Soho for these gorgeous kits. Purl Soho, prices vary.

Beeswax Candles. 
I loooove candlelight – especially in Winter! Especially on date night evenings at home! Though most candles are actually toxic. So these days I seek out all natural beeswax candles (they also burn a lot longer due to a higher melting point, so the investment is more worth it). These here are from an exquisite candle company in the Catskills with the loveliest designs. Greentree Home, from $28. 

Felt Letter Board.
This thing comes with all the letters and can make your own custom messages. Many of you know I am way into affirmations, and this would be so ideal for that. Positive words and phrases for all of us, please. Letterfolk, $100.

RMS Lip2Cheek.
I have this in the red color (Beloved) and I love it so much I want to try it in this pink as well. The tiniest bit goes far – and I love that you can use the same product on lips and cheeks. The texture is nourishing and it’s all natural without the junk. When I wear make-up, often this is the only product I use. RMS Beauty, $36. 

Wooly Hobes.
Still haven’t gotten some Hobes. So these still belong on the list for a future house shoe. I never go barefoot in a house and especially love house shoes with shearling linings. Hobes, $169.

Pyramid Light Box.
This is one of those full spectrum lights that is used to prevent seasonal mood disorders in the winter or in cloudy climates. I know by the end of winter, all of us are usually just aching for spring, and I’ve thought about using one of these for good measure. I especially love the shape of this one! Northern Lights Technology. Amazon. $189.

Waterproof Boots.
I love the duck boots from L.L. Bean, but I saw J.Crew had these (by Sperry) and they’re a little bit cheaper. With three dogs in tow, I need all-weather shoes day and night.  J.Crew, $180.

Campfire Incense.
The smell of campfire is one of my favorites. We’ve had a fireplace in Ecuador and we enjoy it SO much. I’m thinking these will have to be our ambiance alternative once we move. Juniper Ridge, $12. 

All the Buildings in New York.
This hardcover book would be a keepsake for any lover of New York. It’s full of drawings of New York buildings – many that we all know and love. Amazon. $15.91.

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.
I have been LOVING essential oils lately, as I’ve ditched all toxic perfumes and home scents. So now I wear natural oils and diffuse them in the house. It’s the best. This kit here is formulated to wear on the skin and uplift your spirits. I love these aromas, especially Passion, Forgive, Peace. Purchase on Amazon or contact us if you’d like to set up a wholesale account. 


Confession: For years I’ve been watching all these cute kids in their Christmas pajamas, and the truth is, I’m jealous. ha. I would totally buy these cozies. L.L. Bean. $59.95.

New York Transit Poster.
This poster from the NYC Transit Museum is just rad. Every year the MTA commissions artists to create posters, and I like to keep tabs on them as sometimes they’re worth getting. I could have a whole dang house covered in posters. NY Transit Museum, $20

Soda Stream. 
We don’t drink soda around here, but from time to time we do make our own “lime sodas” with sparking water + 2 limes (Danny also adds a pinch of stevia to his.) But it would be great to one day make our own sparkling water. And I think over time this would save money, too. Amazon, $149.99.

Handmade Dolls by Merrilee Liddiard. 
I hope you’ve seen these life-sized Doll Friends & Bunny Friends by my artist friend, Merrilee. But if you haven’t – you’re welcome! These make me want to be 5 years old again. I’d so love to buy these for some nieces I have. Merrilee Liddiard. Starting at $89.

Snow Shoes. 
These would be so fun to have for winter walks. And while it may be a splurge to get the wooden ones, they would look pretty cool on your wall on the off season. The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. $158. Also, very nice ones here: Iverson Snowshoes.

Girls to the Front Stickers.
Hillary may have lost the election, but she inspired millions and millions of young girls. They are moving to the front. They are speaking boldly. They are limitless. And I’m rooting for it all the way! Our first female president is still out there. Vichcraft, $2 (This company made some of Hillary’s campaign stickers.)

Sending love and more love to all.

Wish I could send you all a gift in the mail.


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