Ladies Thanksgiving Football

One year in Brooklyn, some of the church ladies decided to have a “Powder Puff” Ladies Football Game on the day after Thanksgiving…..

And it was AWESOME!!!

Granted, many of us had never really played football. And most of the women at church weren’t into it. But, enough people showed up that morning in Prospect Park that we were able to pull together two teams. And we had an absolute BLAST. 

Some of the husbands and kids were on the sidelines watching and cheering and taking photos. A couple of the guys volunteered to be our coaches and gave us some play ideas.  

I remember laughing so hard and just thinking: THIS HAS TO BE A YEARLY TRADITION. It was that good. And it was the perfect thing to do after Thanksgiving. 

Also: I’m not the most sporty kinda girl (unlike some of these ladies who were pulling some impressive moves!) But it didn’t even matter. It was just so fun to get together.

Hope you all have the BEST Thanksgiving!!!

Sending all my best wishes for peaceful gatherings around the table!  🙂



P.S. Have you ever done something unique for Thanksgiving?

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