There’s More to Say…

I didn’t quite get it all out with my last post.

Because I wanted to say this:

LGBTQ people are some of the greatest examples to me.

Because they have to do SO MUCH WORK to come out and to be true to themselves in our society.

I think that level of authenticity and vulnerability and bravery is something most people never even come close to.

Most people are living in a shell, to some degree – living in fear of being themselves completely, worrying so much about what people think. I know I have areas where I am not leaning in as much as I could (like hello, on the dance floor, for example. I so need to take my hip hop dancing lessons again – evidenced by my abysmal performance when one of my gay friends from Brooklyn took me to the dance floor at Affirmation. haha. 🙂

Anyway, I’m just feeling inspired by LGBTQ people –  and I also send my love to those who are still struggling to embrace who they are. I love you. I root for you.

And I hope that all of us – little by little – can lean in to our uniqueness and celebrate who we are.

With Love,


Ok, what is one area where you want to lean in and be more authentic or brave? 

On my end: we have a videographer coming from NYC to film our Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador next week. Time to lean in to teaching bravely with a camera on my face!! 🙂

(photo is Wendy, of Mama Dragons, and Goran, the husband of the Affirmation president.) 

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  1. DanandEmily October 4, 2016 at 4:34 am - Reply

    I love that you used the word celebrate! We should celebrate everyone's uniqueness:)
    I have been working on being more authentic with the young women I teach. I have been trying to share more personal stories with them so they know that the discussions we are having don't only involve teenagers…they are topics I am STILL working on:)
    Thank you for teaching me about being vulnerable!

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