Officially Announcing: One More Retreat in Ecuador!

People asked for it, so we’re officially announcing another 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador, October 9-15, 2016.

Registration is OPEN now.

We are so excited!!! This will also be our last retreat in Ecuador before moving back to the States.

It is our greatest honor to provide the space for you to heal deeplyto learn how to reclaim your amazing power, and to choose happiness – because you are worthy of all of that. You deserve to experience healing. You deserve to love yourself and be loved by others. Your body and soul are worthy of being cared for and nurtured. You deserve to be living YOUR BEST LIFE as the limitless being that you are.

I’m telling you, there is nothing like our 7-day event. It is FULL of so many healing techniques and modalities that you will quite literally be blown away. It’s the experience I truly wish every person here could have. Our guests repeatedly say: “The world needs to know about this.” They have unanimously said the experience was deeply “life changing” and “more than they ever dreamed” (even when coming in with the highest of expectations). You have to trust us- including all those who have attended. Read loads of testimonials HERE.

It is worth noting that the retreat location in the Andes is not at all affected by the Zika virus, and the area was not harmed by the recent earthquake.

See you in Ecuador! And for now, enjoy some photos from our last retreat from two weeks ago…




We teach workshops each day on LOVE, as you can imagine. 🙂 🙂 We geek out completely teaching everyone THE VERY BEST OF WHAT WE’VE GOT. Many guests have said this: “I could have gone home after the very first class and it would have been worth coming for.” (yes! that does keep us smiling for days!)

There is strategic free-time built into the retreat so that you can relax, read, enjoy the hot tub, and soak in goodness…because who has time for that in real life?

The sweetest baby llama was born during the retreat!! The day after he was born, he took such a liking to Danny that the owners of the lodge might name him Danny. 🙂  ðŸ™‚ A former guest would approve, as she used to call Danny, “The Danny Lama.” 🙂 

The food is RAW (until lunch) and very detoxing, nourishing, and yes, DELICIOUS. Even people who don’t eat raw or vegetarian still very much love the food (and the raw desserts.) The menu includes loads of raw vegetable juices that will cleanse you from the inside out. We love, love caring for the body and the soul all at the same as there is nothing more nurturing and reviving. It was the key to my own transformation, so I love seeing others experience it, too.

Also, a recent guest said: “Several people at work on Monday morning said that I looked amazing and was ‘glowing.’ That never happens after a vacation.”

The food is made by some very loving Ecuadorian cooks. It feels so luxurious to have people make healthy food for you. They also love our Spiralizer and they’re slightly terrified of our Vitamix. 🙂 They call Danny, “Don Danny.”  ðŸ™‚

We truly become family around that table…eating with each other and supporting each other throughout the week. We will all be bonded for life!! 🙂

The property is so lovely, with STUNNING views everywhere you look…and after so many retreats there, the place has become sacred to us. So much love and healing has taken place there.

We visit the most famous textile weaver in Ecuador…he sells rugs, tapestries, dolls, and blankets.

We go on a hike in the Andes, which has become a lovely tradition high up in the clouds…

Some of the women visited the Equator together, as it’s on the way to the airport.

And THIS is why we do what we do: by the end of the week, people said they’d never been more excited to go back into their lives and all the challenges they were facing, because they knew life would be different. They knew life could be better than ever before…and they couldn’t wait to see it unfold.

Register HERE.
P.S. We’re happy to chat or Skype with you if you want to get a feel for the retreat in person. Write us at
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