Top Questions from Our Retreats

How did you learn all this? (Meaning the stuff I teach.)

I learned it because of infertility. And my first marriage. And divorce. And living in NYC and being in touch so deeply with humanity. I learned because of years of feeling like I had what I called, “The Piece of Shit Disease.” Because I felt like a piece of shit. I learned it because I was so tired of being unhappy and I never gave up trying to change that. I learned it through spiritual mentors, books, religions. And ultimately, I learned it because I finally practiced and practiced and practiced living my life in a new way. For real. Because of so much practice, I began to see exactly what was working and what wasn’t. And with the good stuff, I was getting results again and again and again. And so I had all the desire in the world to try and teach it to people. I worked hard to pinpoint words and explanations for what I was doing so I could explain it to others. And that turned into this blog. Later Danny and I worked together to create a curriculum for our earlier on-line classes, which later led to hosting retreats. I feel so honored to do any of this – to be in a place to have anything to say at all. It’s a massive blessing that I don’t take for granted one bit. I try to share all the abundance I have experienced.

How do you come up with post ideas? Do you get inspiration from somewhere?

The ideas for nearly every post I’ve written have come from my own life. The ideas spring from something I have thought or felt or experienced before. I follow my intuition and try to think deeply about what parts of my story could be relatable to people. What parts cross over and are likely experienced or felt by the souls of women everywhere (even though they might not talk about it openly – but perhaps they wish they could)? Usually when I write a post, it’s an idea that I already had cooking in my mind. However, in my dreams, I’d LOVE to have more posts in the future inspired by other ideas, books, academia, religions, and people (including you readers).

What lipstick are you wearing?

Ha. This was a very popular question during our Tour! 🙂 I wore the same lipstick every where I went. (I was packing pretty light. I also wore the same outfits, too, and did laundry along the way. So you’ll see a lot of the same clothes over and over.) And the lipstick is…Crimson & Clover by Ilia. I actually wrote a post about this very lipstick last December! It’s clearly still one of my favorites.

Which event on the U.S. Tour was the best one?

This was a common question. And, well, I mean this completely – every event just topped out at being as good as we ever dreamed. We stared at each other with our jaws dropped after each one and said, “Can you believe that just happened?”

WHYYY did you move to Ecuador?!?!

Ah, I know. You’re not alone. EVERYONE wants to know…”WHY oh why did you move to Ecuador?!?” The answer is that Danny wanted to join the blog effort more. And we wanted to invest in and execute a lot of the ideas we’ve had for this endeavor. So, it wouldn’t have been smart for us to live in pricey NYC. We knew we could rent out our Brooklyn condo for top dollar, so we had a budget to work with. Ecuador came up in our search as it is dirt cheap to live here, compared to the U.S. and most countries in the world. And so we realized we could actually “retire” here for as long as we needed. Also, the quality of life is decent (for example, medical care, safety, transportation and infrastructure). Yes, we could have moved to a cheaper area of the U.S., but moving to South America for a time felt more exotic, adventurous, and full of more learning and growth. We also wanted to take advantage of traveling around South America, learning Spanish, and also living just 6 hours from NYC. (Funny, though, even after this explanation regarding our move, more times than not people will then say again, “But why Ecuador?” haha.)

Do you like living in Ecuador?

In many ways, living here is idyllic for us (retirement=blogging, retreats, executing new projects, yoga, reading, sunshine, exercise, adequate sleep, travel, daily raw juices, and a complete elimination of processed foods. All of this stuff is seriously mind-blowing to me.) But the truth is, we do miss the culture and the people in the U.S. I especially miss the creative communities, the independent thinking, and the progressive culture so abundant in NYC. (It feels very, very, very small town here and less progressive here, which is not my preference for the long term.) I also miss the melting pot. I still really do LOVE the diversity of NYC as you come in contact with all kinds of people daily from every country in the world, every state, every race, every sexual orientation, every religion, etc. There is nothing like it. What can I say, New York has spoiled me.

On the U.S. Tour, did you see any other places where you might want to live?

The areas that came the closest were San Francisco and Chicago. They are amazing cities! However, I haven’t ever been tempted to actually leave New York permanently. I have so many roots in New York and I already love the unique culture there, so it makes sense to continue making that our home in the future if we can. I feel like I “grew up” there as the most transformative part of my life took place right there in those streets, trains, apartments, office buildings, and parks in Brooklyn & Manhattan.

When will you move back to the States?

Our current plan is to move back sometime in 2016. My timeline was actually running more thin earlier this year and I was ready to head back much sooner (because of this). But our plans are really moving along (Retreats! Online Mentoring!) and so we’d like some more time to keep going with the rest of our ideas. We’re currently moving forward with several new projects.

What is your skincare routine?

At every retreat, it seems people ask me about this. My routine is the most pure, chemical-free, and simple routine it’s ever been. And my skin has never been better. It’s definitely time to write another post about this. It’s in the works.

Will you PLEASE write a book?!

YESSS. Thank you to so many people for asking us about this!! We absolutely want to do this as soon as we can, though it’s not yet the top thing on our list. I actually have book concepts in mind for FIVE different books. So if the first one goes well, I’d like to keep going. Right now we are trying to learn more about publishing a book and getting a team in place. I have a huge learning curve ahead of me. If any publishers or literary agents are reading this and think we’d be a good fit for you, I would so love to chat! Or if readers have any recommendations for us, we’re all ears. We’ve already been able to speak with one literary agent, a reader here, who was so incredibly helpful to us as we begin this process.

Thank you to all our retreat alumni – and to all of you here. I have felt your support from the beginning and I thank you with all my heart.


(Photo taken at our Salt Lake City Retreat by Becky Kimball.)

P.S. I have nearly zero fashion tips for you all these days. Nearly all of my clothes are in storage in NYC and I brought some very, very low key things here (I scramble to put something together when we teach). But, for fun: my shirt and skirt are from J.Crew; navy leggings are Uniqlo Heattech; watch is by The Horse.

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  1. Anonymous September 1, 2015 at 1:47 pm - Reply

    Any plans to offer online classes in the near future?

  2. mara September 1, 2015 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Yes! That is our next project, actually. We want to do a whole series. We hope people enjoy it. Stay tuned!

  3. Anonymous September 1, 2015 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Do you have a rough time frame on when you aim to start offering the classes?

    • mara September 1, 2015 at 2:53 pm - Reply

      Hello! Thanks for asking. We have a lot of filming and tech stuff to do. But it's our hope that by January we can have it ready to launch. Also, the classes will be downloadable (not live). Though we may add in a live aspect like some live Q&As as part of the package. you can sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar. We haven't yet even sent one, but we still plan to and will definitely notify our audience when the classes are ready. Thanks, again, and have a wonderful day ! XO

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