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(Prospect Park, Brooklyn)

Hello to you dear, dear people.

Happy late summer!!

I thought about writing another post while we were on the U.S. Tour and really, the only word that seemed appropriate to write was “PRESENCE.” Ha. That was all. You could say we had been working to be as present as can be for all our guests that attended our retreats (and our loved ones we saw along the way.) We literally soaked up every bit of our experience in the U.S. and it was a summer of a lifetime. This traveling gig we have at the moment is kind of unreal to me.

But we are now back in Ecuador. And I’d like to be more present here on this dear blog as I enjoy the experience with you here so much. I actually find it difficult coming back here (to EC) after being in the States, but I’m working through that. I’m starting to wonder if my body needs more oxygen than the amount I get at 9,000 feet!

While I get my blogging brain going again – for starters, here are a few things to share from our country and city days this summer (it was so nice to experience both)…

-For the first time as a couple, we got to go on the Annual Kofoed Family Trip to Jackson, Wyoming and Yellowstone. I’ve heard about this trip for years and it lived up to all the hype. Friends, you HAVE to try and go there if you haven’t gone already. If you’re a city girl like me, it just might be especially thrilling. We saw the Grand Teton Mountains (stunning!), geysers, fluorescent water pools, heart stopping waterfalls, rivers cutting through colored rock, vintage lodges, and WILD LIFE! Herds and herds of buffalo, moose, and lots of elk!

If you go…

-Visit: Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Lower Geyser Basin, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and many of the other top attractions.

-Plan some nostalgic road side picnics at any of the scenic “Turn-outs.”

-Have a chuck wagon pancake breakfast at Dornan’s, with a view of the Tetons.

-Rent bikes at Dornan’s and ride along any of the many paved bike paths.

-Go on a hike at Jenny Lake.

-Go canoeing at String Lake (rent boats at Dornan’s).

-Eat lunch and play cards inside the famous vintage lodges (like Jackson Lake Lodge, Yellowstone Lake Lodge, and Old Faithful Lodge.) It’s like going back in time. And they have incredible views!!

-Buy some turquoise jewelry in Jackson (I totally did – a turquoise ring in honor of my grandmother who taught school on the Navajo reservation and wore rows of turquoise on both arms.) The Kofoed’s favorite Indian jewelry store is Raindance Indian Arts, in Jackson.

-If you want some healthy snacks or raw green juice along the way, go to a little gem of a place we found in Jackson: Healthy Being Juicery. The owner was so lovely. Don’t miss the fresh made hummus and vegetable crackers!

-Pay a visit to Persephone Bakery and Cafe. The branding and design of this country bakery is impeccable and the food is top notch. It’s not gluten or sugar free or anything, but I got a side of brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes and it was so good a couple other family members got it, too.

-AND…do not even go near any buffalo like we foolishly did! It turns out they can get VERY aggressive very quickly and many people get charged every year. I actually had no idea. There was a big fence between us and right after this photo, the buffalo hopped the fence in two seconds like it was nothing. We felt very lucky that he went on his way.

And sometime later…we headed to beloved NYC…

-Yankees hats are just the coolest. (Can you tell I’m on a baseball hat kick these days? They don’t blow off my head!) What’s even cooler, though, is seeing a Yankees game with your Brooklyn nieces and nephew. 🙂

-This 4th of July was INCREDIBLE! NYC. Millions of people on the east river. Surrounded by dear friends. Macy’s Fireworks. And…same sex marriage from sea to shining sea!  ðŸ™‚ 🙂 🙂 So much to celebrate.

-I got my hair done in Brooklyn at Sara June in the Gowanus (ahhh…I was so relieved and happy!) The owner there, Sara, is a friend AND a great stylist. So I’m doubly happy to recommend her to you all. I absolutely loved my hair after her handiwork. She is a super savvy business owner, too, and has helped her salon to be successful in less than a year. Very impressive. The salon seemed like a hub for meeting talented, interesting, and successful women (& men) in Brooklyn.

[And yes, that’s Danny at my salon appt. 🙂 We’re both friends with Sara and he couldn’t pass up on coming along for the conversation.]

And now we soon fly to Otavalo for our next Body+Soul Camp. I am craving the experience of taking super good care of myself for one whole week. And…someone famous is attending! Do you know the blogger, Erin Loechner? I just swoon over her soulful blog posts. We invited Erin and her husband, Ken, to come to the retreat and we’re so thrilled they accepted the invitation. We hope they love it. It will be so amazing to connect with them soon over shaman healings, detoxing meals, and meditation in the Andes.

With lots of love,


P.S. I shared some mini posts on our blog’s Facebook page this summer if you’d like to take a look.

P.P.S. I’ll soon be sharing some recaps from our retreats on the incredible U.S. Tour!

Click here to sign up for our Oct. 11-17 Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador! It’s a retreat of a lifetime. See this link for special Couples/Friends Pricing. And don’t miss the F.A.Q.

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  1. andracarter August 1, 2015 at 11:00 am - Reply

    your trip looks and sounds phenomenal! went to Jackson Hole almost 10 years ago for a winter trip and the mountains were mind-blowing. it is always hard to come back to Ecuador after visiting home + family + friends… no matter how much you love your expat life, it's hard to leave all the lovely trappings of your other come to come back to your new home. but I promise it gets easier and am sure after a couple days you won't miss the U.S. at all 🙂 if you have time when you're in Otavalo, please come visit our cafe on the plaza – La Cosecha Coffee!

  2. Lauren English August 2, 2015 at 2:06 am - Reply

    Oh my gosh, these pictures look amazing. A trip like this is high on our bucket list, and your pictures make me want to go even more! I hope it was a fun trip!

  3. Miggy August 3, 2015 at 3:38 am - Reply

    So great to see your smiling faces. Welcome back, can't wait to catch up… cuz we're old friends like that.

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