Love Announcements (& Galapagos Tortoises!)

(photo by Danny)
(photo by Melissa Hope
(photo by Melissa Hope

(photo by Melissa Hope

A lot is going on in our world! Next week we’ll head to NYC where we will see family and friends before our U.S. Tour begins. We’re currently getting every last detail of our events together. And every day our hearts feel a little fuller as we get closer to meeting so many of you. I hope to be able to teach and mentor and give the best of what I’ve got.

And…tortoises. Can you believe these guys?? I’m so glad we got to see them. The truth is, the tortoise population has sadly dwindled significantly so you can’t see too many of them any longer.

And before this Friday is over, here are some Love Announcements!

-We finished the Serial podcast. Did you listen to it, as well? I didn’t get sucked into it quite as much as others did. But the story did break my heart – a ton – as it seems way, way too easy for injustice to happen in our judicial system. And now I guess you know who I think is innocent.

-Some Japanese girls on our boat in the Galapagos had these summery Uniqlo UV jackets to protect them from the sun (instead of using gobs of sunscreen). I WANT ONE SO BAD! They have slits in the arms so that your hands can stay covered, too. So smart. My hands are getting way too much sun down here while on Sila’s walks and my hands look leathery and wrinkly at the moment. oye.

This is what the best stuff in life is made of: An Open Letter to My Daughter’s StepmomBeautiful. We can all learn so much from these two women. 

-How many of you are so very excited for The Little Prince movie?!? The release date has not been announced for the U.S., but it will be released in France in July. And, the movie has a new side plot not based on the original book…it includes a female protagonist! That’s a lot to celebrate come summer.

-I love this: Expanding the Ways We Experience God. Finding new ways over the years to experience God & Heavenly Mother has been one of my most incredible journeys. My latest experiences have been related to raw food and raw juice, actually. I never anticipated this, but I have found it to be a spiritual experience eating all the abundance that Mother Nature has provided for us. 
-You guys have to see this new idea for a Kindergarten in Tokyo – it’s designed for kids to be SILLY and I think it’s pretty genius. I totally need to go back to this Kindergarten in the worst way. (Silliness is not my best suit. Danny? He rocks it completely! 🙂
-And, these words were amazing. For anyone who is feeling like life is falling apart, you need to read this: Other Worlds Await You. I read it twice, and it was even better the second time.

May you have a good weekend.
And mostly, may you feel love some way.


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  1. Anonymous May 16, 2015 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    Such amazing photos! What an incredible experience and adventure to share together. I just wanted to say that I loved all your love announcements today. I love the Little Prince and can't wait for it to be in the U.S. Also, I loved, Other Worlds Await you. My children and I just watched our little caterpillars shed exoskeleton after exoskeleton while they were munching along and changing in preparation for their biggest transformation of all. I can't believe that they completely liquify in that little cocoon of theirs. Change is a beautiful thing. We resist mourning and sadness sometimes, but we should embrace it, because it is real, and a new world is to come for each one of us over and over in our experiences of life. Thanks for sharing!–audrey

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2015 at 3:35 am - Reply

    Wow! I just read the article about the stepmom. I am in tears. I am a stepmom with 3 beautiful step daughters. Even though I do have a civil relationship with their mom, I wish it was more this way. But, I know I cannot force it with their "real" mom, so I just do what I can and love them with all that I can give. At one point, one of my stepdaughters asked me if she could call me "mom" while they were at our house. I told her that it was up to her and I didn't want to force something either way but that whatever she called me that is what I would go with. It had gone back and forth a couple times and I never want her to feel like she needs to call me mom, but I also remember her mom being so mad and thinking that I forced it upon her. I wish we had more of a relationship like this one that was written but don't feel as though that is my place to even bring up since I was the one in the wrong at the beginning and don't feel like it is my place. So, I'll just love the girls and I respect her as their mother and I hope they see that from me.

  3. Sarah May 17, 2015 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    I have a close friend who's story if very similar to the step mom article. Her relationship with her kids stepmom is the most crazy, beautiful example of what forgiveness looks like because she was the "other woman." It is the most clear representative of the Heavenly Father's love and forgiveness for us that I am seen her on earth. I do believe, like the writer of this article, that it does start with the biological mom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous May 18, 2015 at 4:27 am - Reply

    I listened to Serial as well and have been trying to keep up to date with case developments. This attorney, Susan Simpson, who was a listener started a blog….and I think she might crack this case! She's like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Here's her (very thorough!) blog, if you're interested: She discovered evidence that the police coached Jay…pretty bad stuff–that evidence is revealed in her blog and on episode 3 of this new podcast (which Susan and another lawyer–both of whom aren't affiliated w/Adnan's case–started with Rabia Chaudry (the woman who brought the case to Sarah Koenig's attention)): Essentially, you can hear in audio clips of police interviews with Jay that police had coded signals (like knocks) to Jay that represented certain answers/stories that Jay had to recite to the police. Before reading Susan's blog, I was leaning towards Adnan's innocence, but now I'm pretty certain of it. We shall see what happens…


  5. Anonymous May 20, 2015 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    I felt like a loner not really digging Serial. I thought it very exploitative and the mixture of the story of real people's murder and imprisonment with the jaunty music and entertainment style of the show did not sit well with me. There were a lot of questions about the journalistic integrity of what they did and how they did it. I found Koenig's approach disturbing and unprofessional at many points.

    I also cringed at the sort of gleeful anticipation of the next installment that was all over social media, as though it were the latest Mad Men or other fictional show. It must have been excruciating for the victim's family and her brother did speak out at one point to confirm that it was awful for them. When I finally got that they were not going to participate I just couldn't be part of it and stopped listening. I agree things can go so wrong in the justice system and those wrongfully imprisoned should be helped, but there are other ways to go about this. Someone's child was murdered and someone else's imprisoned. That should never be entertainment in any form.

    • mara May 21, 2015 at 10:21 pm - Reply

      Somehow you put into words things that I was feeling. Over the last few days my mind has kept coming back to your comment.

      During the episodes, I kept thinking: these are peoples' LIVES! These are REAL PEOPLE! It was unsettling to have this story curated and edited and developed less for the sake of reporting and more for the sake of entertainment, addiction, and drawn out suspense – and like you said, all while someone's child was murdered and someone else's imprisoned. It was so strange to have Adnan in jail, then to hear Koenig share her thoughts about him – good or bad. It felt like she was talking about him behind his back. Same with the others. It was like they were at the mercy of whatever she decided to say.

      Anyway, I am relieved that the case is getting more attention in the courts. But it's a shame that this level of popularity had to occur in order for that to happen.

    • Anonymous May 22, 2015 at 2:04 am - Reply

      I agree that it's good the case is getting more attention, but The Innocence Project and other groups do this work all the time without the entertainment angle. I know what you mean about hearing her talk about the people. For me it was especially hard to hear her talk about the victim – to read parts of her journal even – without any okay from the family. The "ick factor" just got too high for me. And I was so put off seeing people gush about how "amazing!" the pod cast was, or "I can't wait for the next one!", etc., etc. and all I could think was, literally nothing about this is amazing. It's tragic and painful and no one should be gleefully looking forward to hearing the next installment. It completely lacked dignity for all involved: Hae, Adnan,their families and especially Koenig, who had control of it all.

    • mara May 22, 2015 at 2:26 am - Reply

      oh my – the journal. You're right – here she read that to millions of people, all the while her family is out there. The whole thing must have been so excruciating to them. Also, how about the part where Adnan stole from the mosque? I mean, he was so upset about that info. being shared – and who wouldn't be? Everyone has something from their youth that they are ashamed of. It seemed as though details were being told as if he didn't exist any more or something – like…hey, he's in jail, we can say whatever we want; we own his info. I have no idea how it all was worked out behind the scenes – but what came out seemed strange.

  6. thesoontobemrs June 26, 2015 at 2:51 am - Reply

    Those are some large tortoises! Wow!

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