Love Story: Companionship


Oh my…I am sitting in church.  I am completely convinced that I am the happiest person in this room right now.  I tried ever so discreetly to read your email at intervals during ward council this morning. But it was hard to conceal my smile.

My heart is pretty much always feeling the same these days.  It just feels love and longing and gratitude.

I better go.  But know that I just loved your email.  And it makes me want to drive to Boston right now.

I love you so much it hurts.  Haha.



And later that same day…another note to Danny…

Hi darling,

It’s amazing to me that we can be so far apart, but yet you are so much a part of my life here.  I had quite an unexpected day.  And it made me think of you and want to be with you.  Well, life is full of so many surprises, as we know…and today there was a rather big one.  Just after church I found out that my Mom and Dad were in a car accident late last night.  🙁  They are doing well.  But they are very, very lucky.  My mom said they are lucky to be alive.  They just came from my Dad’s 67th birthday party at my Grandma’s house.  They were actually waiting at the light at this quiet intersection by their home, and a drunk, college aged girl came speeding down the road and tried to brake, but instead skid into their car and t-boned the side of it, on my mom’s side.  They got released from the hospital today and are home resting and being cared for by my sister and brother-in-law and grandma and aunts and uncles.  Oh man, life is so precious.  Every moment of it.  It makes me want to be so grateful for every loved one in my life.  And it makes me want to also make the most of my life.  Oh, it makes me so sad to think of losing my parents, or to even think of them aging.  It will really be hard to let go of them someday.  But, of course, I am so grateful that I’ve had good parents for as long as I have.

Oh, Danny…… has been a tender day.  And, of course, you’ve been in my heart all day.  It was nice to be at church and to think of you.  It was nice to read and re-read your emails.  It was nice to tell good friends about you.

And, then, when I later found out this news, it was nice thinking about the comfort and love that I already feel in my life because of you.  I know we have not been together in the traditional sense, but you still have been a companion to me since I’ve known you.  And it is so nice to feel that on days like this.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday.  And I hope that you’ve been well fed today.  I got invited over for dinner and had an amazing time with some women from church.  And then Sara, my dear friend you met, also brought over dinner (some quiche and salad) just to be nice…..honestly, I can’t believe how spoiled I am to have such dear friends.

Right now I need to get a few things done before my week starts.  I hope you’re having a great evening!!

Can you believe that I’ll see you on Saturday???????   I simply cannot wait.

Sending you so much love,



These letters today made me think about companionship – and how it is hands down one of the greatest blessings in life!!  Do you guys feel some companionship with someone?  I so hope you do!!!  I think it can come in so many forms – through a spouse, sibling, friend, child, parent, or pet.  I’ve heard moms talk about their one year olds as their little companions.  So cute.  And well – I think potential boyfriends & girlfriends that you meet on line can even feel like companions on those days you would otherwise be alone.

Today I had to post this picture of this CUTE dog whom we love.  Molly is the dog of our dear friend. And yes, her mouth is always like that (could you just die?)  From what I hear, dogs can be some of the best companions.   🙂

Who is your companion?

Danny is mine.  Through and through.  🙂

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  1. Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} September 9, 2013 at 10:44 am - Reply

    Awww!!! Sincere & sweet!

  2. Colorado76Gal September 9, 2013 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    I have to say when I got divorced I felt it was best to take "our" dog which was more his than mine. I wanted to protect her from a shelter as wise choices werent being made. Ten years later that was the best decision of my life. That dog and I made it through and I am not sure what I would have done without that companionship when I came home at night.

  3. christina September 9, 2013 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Is Molly a Wheaten Terrior? My boyfriend's parents have a dog, Duke, that looks like Molly (except Duke has grey ears?). An emphatic "yes" to dogs being awesome companions. I am lucky enough to work from home, and our dog, Pink, will often curl up underneath my desk while I'm working. Makes my heart feel cozy every time.

    • M H September 10, 2013 at 11:02 pm - Reply

      Hi Christina,
      She's a mini goldendoodle (so abt 35 lbs). They look so similar to Wheatons!!

  4. TalhiaKevin Kling September 9, 2013 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    I have to say I just love your blog, the time and heart you both put into it definitely shines through! Reading your posts for the last week has admittedly been one of my favorite parts of the day. I've taken so many of your suggestions to heart and I have already seen the positive impact of those changes (mostly when it comes to energy and perspective). It is really wonderful (and such a blessing) to see how you daily live out faith and love in very practical ways. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    Companionship….I love this idea of relationships going beyond just a give and take dynamic! My fiancé and best friend have been my wonderful companions for the last few years, but I would love to add a dog to that list. Molly is so adorable 🙂


  5. Lauren September 9, 2013 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    I had to laugh about the one year olds being companions because I keep telling people what great company my two year old son is! Of course, my husband is my favorite companion, but it is so much fun now to have a little buddy by my side during the day, getting groceries or doing laundry. He chatters non-stop about cars and trucks and I hardly know what I ever did without him 🙂

  6. Taylor B. September 9, 2013 at 8:24 pm - Reply

    Molly reminds me of my Addison! Obviously my husband is a great companion, but the unconditional love and just overall happiness that Addie gives me is wonderful…and I wasn't a dog person until we got her.

  7. Melissa Nutter September 9, 2013 at 11:54 pm - Reply

    First off. Love this blog! The heart behind it is inspirational!

    Second. My husband is definitely my best companion. I loooove coming home to him. I mean, you can't beat hanging out with your best bud every day, right?

    I also love that the subject of the dog was brought up. This might sound crazy, but I try to be as excited (if this is even possible) as our dog when my husband comes home. No matter how I'm feeling. It definitely requires some energy, but I know my hubby loves it! (And for clarification I smother him with kisses not licks) Who knew a dog could be so inspirational…

  8. Lisette September 10, 2013 at 12:09 am - Reply

    Hands down my husband. No matter what is going on, the world is just right when we are together.

  9. megan September 10, 2013 at 2:58 am - Reply

    You nailed it on the head. I recently came out of an eleven year relationship and one of the feelings I haven't experienced is loneliness. He did some bad things so I don't long for him or miss his companionship, because he isn't who I thought he was, more like a stranger to me now.

    But I got to thinking, why aren't I lonely? Then I realized, I have never experienced loneliness. I don't really know what it means and I think there are a couple reasons for this. First, I am an only child so was afforded a lot of independence at a young age and became my own companion of sorts. I know how to comfort myself, be kind to myself and listen (to myself). The other is that I have wicked awesome (yes, wicked awesome is the only way to describe them and still it falls short) family and friends. I don't think I knew how wicked awesome they were until I had to lean on them heavily, but now I can't believe how priceless they are.

    Anyways, I feel like I've always had companionship so I haven't felt lonely. So thanks for connecting those dots for me.

  10. Anonymous September 10, 2013 at 3:08 am - Reply

    It's difficult to read things like this. More than anything I would love my husband and I to be true companions. You know there's such an ache there and I try not to let it consume me because I'm working towards healing my own self and I'm trying to have a little hope that what I've longed for my whole life, not even just my married years, will come to be.

    This blog is helping in so many ways. I'm hoping for a great relationship with my husband in the future. I feel like the things I am learning here and that I'm applying to my life and healing will help me tremendously, whatever the end result may be.

  11. RATCH September 10, 2013 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    I have never felt more blessed that I married my sweet companion and husband than I have this past week. He has hardly left my side during what has by far been the most difficult week of my life. The tenderness and love with which he has cared for me is beyond anything I could truly describe. I can't count how many times our hands have clasped each others this week and we've expressed our love for one another. Oh how thankful I am for my eternal companion.

    My toddler has been the sweetest companion to me as my husband has had to return to work. His sweet joy and exuberance for life has been a balm for my soul. My two older children arriving home from school is one of my favorite times of day… two of my favorite buddies are home! My mother helped me clean my kitchen yesterday and as we cleaned I poured my heart out to her… what a cherished companion she has become to me. I could never thank my Heavenly Father enough for my people, my companions, especially for my sweetheart.

    I am so happy that you and Danny found one another. You have a truly beautiful companionship.

  12. M H September 10, 2013 at 11:00 pm - Reply

    Aww, Mollie! She's so flattered ��. Love this photo of you both!!

  13. Katie Fisher September 11, 2013 at 3:43 am - Reply

    My husband is definitely my number one rock/companion/best friend. BUT with three little kiddos who are either in my arms or shadowing my every move, I count myself blessed to be spoiled with companions of all sizes 🙂

  14. ils tacan September 18, 2013 at 6:54 pm - Reply

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  15. jmcpherson September 24, 2013 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    I'm late responding to this, as I just found your blog via the Loveumentary site. But my companion for the past 33 years has been my wife, Joanna. We love our lives together as much as you and Danny seem to, and if you have "a song" I'd love to have you (or your readers) contribute to the "readers' song" page of my latest surprise project for Joanna:

  16. Chloe Pratt December 7, 2013 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    When we are in love, we are convinced nobody else will do. But as time goes, others do do, and often do do, much much better. Thanks for sharing.

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