Love Story: Telling Our Friends

(these are some photos taken from very early on – soon after we met.)

A few more snippets from our Love Story… (We were awaiting our second meet-up…this time in Boston.  🙂


Sweetest Mara,

Oh…it’s a good night, isn’t it?  I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself tonight.  I was with friends tonight and oh man, I love the good friends that I have.  There was one couple that I had told about you before I left to meet you in New York and they were very excited to find out what had happened…they just wanted to talk all night.  They were so happy for us and I admit, it’s a relief to not be judged negatively for being so excited about you, even though we just met.  I have sometimes worried that people just wouldn’t understand, so it’s just good to know that people know me well enough to not be worried I’m making a mistake or acting too soon.  They are genuinely thrilled.  So I’m feeling pretty lucky.

I’m also so very much in love and in lala land…and I’ve decided I definitely like it there…thinking about becoming a permanent resident.

Well, I’ve gotta get to bed (softball tomorrow at 8:30).  Just know that I love you and am so grateful for you.  And yes, these days are going by quickly, aren’t they!?  You will be in my arms soon enough!!!

Goodnight babe,



hello hello!!  I just now got home (from an evening with girlfriends).  What a fun and wonderful night.  I LOVE getting together with everyone… And I am always so blown away by what life brings us.  One friend there has a husband that just left her (and her baby), another has a husband that just had a severe stroke in the middle of the night and it nearly took his life (he’s only 30), another has a Dad who just died of cancer, another just found out she has melanoma. Anyway, life is full of surprises.  And these are women just within a few blocks.  Crazy!  (note: I actually wrote a post about this here.)

And, YES, they all wanted the full report on you.  hahha.  A few of them already had heard about our weekend.  But of course they wanted to hear more and more.  They are just soooooo giddy and cute about everything.  And they are ridiculously excited because they can tell how happy I am and that there is definitely something different and special about this………….

And yes, it is SO fun to talk about you and tell people how great you are!  Like I told Ashley (the dear woman who set us up): “WHAT is not to love????”  By the way, was it nerve racking for you to meet some of my friends when you were here?  I hope that was ok for you.  It was so fun for me to show you off  🙂  Even though you saw them so briefly, they could tell so much just by seeing you.  And they can’t stop saying how much they REALLY like you and that they “have a good feeling about this one.”  🙂  🙂

Btw, I am so happy that you have such good friends!!  Seriously – – – that is just so wonderful.  Especially now more than ever, I am sure you are realizing what a gift good friends are.  My oh my.  Just thinking about it makes me want to be a better friend.

Danny, can I just tell you how amazing it is to have you share so much love with me???  I am blown away by you.  I really am.  I  love it that you think about me and can feel my presence there with you, even though I’m in New York.  You can imagine me being next to you all you want, cause that’s where my heart is.   And at this moment, I am not able to sleep cause I am just too dang in love.




P.S.  I’m working on a post called, “Why I Didn’t Have Kids in My Twenties.”  🙂  It turns out that I have so much in common with so many of the commenters from the recent post.

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