Love Story: A Little Snippet

 Photos by Melanie Mauer, Bryant Park, NYC 

Here’s one little snippet from the next part of our love story. At this point, we had still only seen each other just that ONE single time in person (ha!), though we were already completely in love due to loads of email correspondence over about a month so far. We had plans to see each other for a second time in Boston…


Thank you, THANK YOU for the love and support you give me. I will learn to get used to this, I know I will (okay, not used to it like it will cease to be the most amazing thing ever…but you know what I mean 🙂 ). Today is proof that I can both think about you all day and still get stuff done at work and have effective meetings and go golfing and make dinner. And I’m even happier with all those things done 🙂 It will take me a while to get into the appropriate rhythm and develop the discipline needed to both love you completely and give my other responsibilities the attention they deserve. But I will get there, especially with you being as understanding and wonderful as you are.  I LOVE YOU way too much, I really do. I can’t get enough of you.

Yes, I’m about to go crawl in bed, and oh how I will think of you.

Goodnight sweetheart!  Sleep well, my love.


I am a very, very bad girl. It’s 3:00 am after a late night of work and I just now crawled into bed. But I’m so happy. Life is so good.

I am wearing your favorite perfume just cause it reminds me of you. And now I am completely in la la land!!!!!!  🙂

Oh my, I just realized something. Did I hear you say that you have like 30 vacation days?? K, forget what I said earlier about focusing and balance!!!! Get in your car and get your cute butt to B-town!!! It will be morning by the time you get here and we can have breakfast together. 🙂  Haha.  I love you so very much.


Good Morning!

And thank you for your sweet message last night! Oh my goodness, how great will it be to spend our days together! So I did wake up some time after you sent it, and I literally thought to myself…if I hop in the car now I can be there around 8 or 9! Maybe I’ll just work from NY today 🙂

But, I’m obviously not there to wake you up this morning, sorry. Nor did I get up early enough to write before work, so this is gonna be a short one. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am beginning and ending each day with you. It’s like everything feels all right in the world.

Have a great day darling, I’ll be working hard and thinking of you always!

Love you –


Darling, HI!!

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful day!! I got your super cute email this morning. And laughed that you actually thought about coming here. Haha. And actually, bright and early this morning I did get buzzed by UPS and I fantasized for a split second that it might be you waiting downstairs.  Haha :).  I hope you know that I was totally just dreamin’ about you coming here. I know that would not be wise.  🙂

I’ve been able to get a lot done today. And I even fit in an amazing run in the park. Man, this world is beautiful. It was drizzling a little but the air was so clean and the foliage and colors were just breathtaking. I’m actually very much looking forward to riding to and from Boston as the views must be incredible this time of year.

Anyway, I continue to feel on top of the world. And it’s cool that I feel so much more in tune with spiritual things since meeting you. I love that. And I do agree with you that all is well. (But what I especially love is that we were also able to say that even before we met!)

I am on the train heading to the garment district. So I have to be brief. But know that you have been in my heart all day. Oh, I am full of more love and happiness than I know what to do with!

For now, know that my new favorite thing is looking at the photo you sent me. And know that I am so, so, so very much in love :).


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  1. Garren and Larissa Allred April 26, 2013 at 11:13 am - Reply

    Ooooo I have been waiting for more of this beautiful story 🙂

  2. Anonymous April 27, 2013 at 2:45 am - Reply

    I love this post. The more I read about you two, the more I think that the separate journey you each took – with all the trials and difficulties – was necessary so that you could find each other. You look so happy in these pictures . . . It makes my heart happy. :-). Thanks for sharing.

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